Jaguar Minneapolis Carries the Full Lineup

Did You Know? Jaguar was created in 1935, in a motorcycle sidecar factory. The Jaguar was so popular that by 1945, the Swallow Sidecar Company had changed its name to Jaguar Cars Ltd. For decades, the Jaguar car was known by its hood emblem, the figure of a chrome Jaguar poised in a leap. Find Your Inner Cat Jaguar manufacturers read more »

The Hot car program, Getting a Great Trade and Obtaining a Fantastic Price on High-Value Cars

It is about time you get a vivacious and alluring new car at Inver Grove Kia. Yet, it comes down to the obstacle of not having a lot of extra funds set aside to make it happen. Dealers can work in the system to make sure the best offer is made, and that can often read more »

The Interior of the Infiniti QX30

For those who were naturally born big and tall, you’ll find that the QX30 has your back. From the second you step in, you’ll feel as though you have the room to move around, stretch your legs, and keep your elbows from bumping up against anything that may end up bruising them. The adults in read more »

Some Of The Top Buick Cars Coming To 2018

2018 Buick Regal Sportback This car was designed to compete with sports cars like the Audi A5 Sportback. It has a 2-liter and four cylinder engine with eight speed automatic transmission. This is capable of reaching-up to 250 HP. 2018 Regal Tour X The vehicle is similar to the BMW 3 Series wagon. It is read more »

Hudson Chrysler: Need the Best and Get It

There are a lot of factors that influence the car you buy.  You might need a car, but the size of car you buy, your budget, and many other influences factor into your final decision.  The trouble, in many cases, is that you sometimes feel uneasy about listing all of those needs for a dealer when read more »

Spreading The Word

Ever since I bought my new Chevrolet at Hudson Chevrolet I have been spreading the word on how great of a deal that I got as well as how awesome of a new Camaro I got. I tell everybody that I run into and everyone that compliments me on my new car where I got read more »

What Is the 3-Eleven?

Every Lotus car is designed to be a thing of beauty, and the 3-Eleven is no exception. The car’s design is maximizes your speed, but also pays careful attention to the handling. That means that practically anyone can take this car out, and see what it can do on the driving course. While drivers still read more »

What Does It Mean to Be in Business for 60 Years?

Luther Auto has been in business for more than 6 decades, and we’ve learned a thing or two from when the company first started. That’s likely the biggest takeaway when you work with a company who has had a lot of trial and error — you’re getting someone who understands practically everything there is to know read more »

Park Place BMW

The May 22, 20017 edition of the New York Daily News featured an article titled Ultimate Driving Machines: 10 Best BMWs of All Time. Some, like the  507 Roadster and the 2002 tii are familiar to aficionados of the marque. The former, produced in the 1950s was, and still is, considered one of the most beautiful convertibles read more »

Park Place VW

Choosing the right vehicle for your needs is very important, and when you buy from Park Place VW you have a great chance of getting just what you want. You can also get peace of mind, and when your car needs service or maintenance you can take it to a dealer you trust and can read more »