2017 Subaru WRX Base Model Overview

Featuring an all-wheel-drive transmission, the 2017 Subaru WRX base model, which is available at White Bear Subaru, is an excellent vehicle for use in snowy environments, as the transmission provides exceptional traction. For additional protection, this vehicle features electronic stability control that reduces skidding for improved control. Enjoy good gas mileage, as the 2.0-liter, flat-four read more »

Get Your Car Serviced and a Complimentary Multi-point Inspection and Car Wash in Under 60 Minutes With Infiniti Express Service

Avoid having to wait hours for service and use Infiniti Express Service to get your vehicle serviced in under 60 minutes by expertly trained technicians. Not only will you get fast service, you can rest confidently knowing that you’ll receive reliable service, as the highly-qualified technicians use genuine Infiniti parts, and the parts and labor read more »

The Advantages of Using Synthetic Oil

Switching from regular motor oil to synthetic oil offers many benefits, and Hudson Chrysler features many well-trained technicians who can help you upgrade to synthetic motor oil. Regular mineral oil is made from refined crude oil, while synthetic oil is created with artificially made chemical compounds for a wide range of benefits, including: Reduced engine read more »

Explore the Country in a Vehicle Designed for the Job

America is full of back roads that are just begging for adventure. But you’re not going to get there in your sedan. You’re going to need something more rugged like a Silverado or a Canyon from Hudson Chevrolet. Exploring rough terrain and uncertain roads needs a vehicle that’s confident in its handling, suspension, and shock absorption. read more »

The Best Funding Method for Your New Car

When looking for a new car financing is one of the things you should consider. Before heading over to Hudson Chevrolet here are a few options you should know about. In House Financing Most dealerships will offer in house financing to help their customers. However, this may come with a higher APR. Sometimes there is read more »

Have Some Fun with the 2017 Subaru Crosstrek

The Subaru Crosstrek is an all new crossover vehicle from Subaru. It has a familiar look as some of the other wagons produced by the company but the interior is more stretched up so there is added head room. So, if you like the station wagon look from the company but want to increase the read more »

Fuel Efficiency Tips For Your Toyota Trucks

At Rudy Luther Toyota, we know how frustrating the current high rates of gas can be for Toyota truck drivers. That’s why we’re offering these helpful fuel efficiency tips, as they will help save you money at the pump: Accelerate Slowly – Slow acceleration is more fuel efficient because it avoids excessive gas use getting read more »

Sticking With Consistency, the VW Tiguan Delivers

Designed for decades to be a car for families and real transportation on real roads, Volkswagens have delivered repeatedly with consistency when other carmakers tried experiments and went sideways. For example, take a look at the Volkswagen Tiguan. Designed to address crossover needs when a sedan isn’t quite enough anymore for a growing family and read more »

Luther Auto

Never buy a lemon (a car that does not work)! Nobody should buy a car from a dealer with a bad reputation. Just check online for those sellers who consumers love. For example, Luther Auto is known for its dedication to helping motorists find the right car for them. The staff is professional and prepared to answer read more »

North Country Ford

Ford has been known for generations for its luxury models. Both the Escape and Explorer have outstanding, plush interiors. For those who love big cars, Ford has always had what you desired. Yet, consumers are increasingly interested in more fuel efficient cars these days. Ford has not let them down. The brand has increasingly gotten read more »